Information security policy

@In the advanced information society, to protect and defend against a variety of threats to personal information and confidential information generated in the development of information and confidential information, we offered our customers as contract development work, the confidentiality, integrity, the Company and to ensure the availability, devoted to compliance management in order to obtain the trust for your continued.

@To clarify the requirements for information security with the obligations of the Company, all employees have a clear awareness of information security we will abide by the rules with respect to access to and use of information assets, including confidential information of our customers, intent accidental, or you have to get the trust of our customers and to prevent the risk that occurs automatically.

The Company will The following are the maintenance of information security. We will continue to implement the following positioning as the most important issues to improve.


The information security maintenance of the services provided to our customers, we will continue to adhere to contractual agreements with customers and laws of all employees fully aware that it is the basis of business activity, related to our business.


Established the Information Security Committee to establish the information security management system of the Company, to conduct a risk assessment, we will continue to promote the implementation and review of various measures of appropriate information security.


We will continue to comply with our basic policy, regulations, standards, and procedures.


To implement appropriate safety measures based on the results of the risk assessment of information assets, and strive to ensure confidentiality, integrity, availability, we will prevent disclosure of confidential information, the unauthorized access.


For all employees, and provide education about information protection and information security, we will act to recognize the role of the self for information security are all employees each.


If you want to outsource to other companies services related to information management, we will continue to collateral that you selected enough experience, the ones that have the ability to define the matters related to confidentiality Upon agreement, information is managed properly.


By establishing criteria for evaluating information security risks, implement the necessary measures, to ongoing monitoring of the effectiveness and management of the measures, in response to new risks in the information society evolving will come.