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Description: ホーム

Description: ホーム

Description: ホーム

Description: ホーム

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Description: ホーム

Description: ホーム



By train, Please use the Tsunashima station on the Tokyu-toyoko line.
            24 minutes from the Shibuya station by express.
            15 minutes from the Yokohama station by express.
    (NOTE: The limited express train doesn't stop at the Tsunashima.)


Almost 10 minutes on foot from the east-exit of the Tsunashima.

Please refer the MAP.

By bus from the station Tsunashima

    Get on the bus at bus stop #5 of the Tsunashima station.

Bound for Hiyoshi station, Tokyu-BUS 92.
    Get off at three stops (Matsushita-tushin-waki) .

  Go toward the Train Line.

After go through the Train Line, it's the first building on the left.


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